First Apprenticeship launched for the Asbestos Testing Industry

ATaC facilitates new apprenticeship package

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First Apprenticeship launched for the Asbestos Testing Industry

ATaC, the UK’s leading association for asbestos management services, is pleased to announce that a new Advanced Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship, which includes three technical asbestos modules, is now available for enrolment.

ATaC, in partnership with Cogent Skills, the UK’s strategic body for skills in the science industries, has developed a bespoke apprenticeship package suitable for organisations involved in asbestos surveying, testing and analysis.

“Currently, in the asbestos testing industry, there is a critical shortage of experienced and skilled analysts,” stated Stephen Platkiw, Manager of ATaC. “As an association for this industry, and a training provider, we met with a college earlier this year to discuss how we could work with them and the existing advanced laboratory technician apprenticeship. These discussions were extremely encouraging.”

“Today, thanks to the support of the team at Cogent Skills, we are delighted that this new apprenticeship for the asbestos testing industry is available for enrolment.”

This advanced laboratory technician apprenticeship will include three asbestos related modules – asbestos surveying, air monitoring and asbestos bulk analysis – during the two year period. On completion of the apprenticeship, the student will obtain the Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship qualifications, as well as receiving three Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Level 3 qualifications – one for each of the asbestos related modules – all of which are recognised by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

This apprenticeship is now available through various Cogent Skills’ quality assured providers capable of delivering the apprenticeship as a day release at college model, or on-site where required.

“The team at Cogent Skills has been instrumental in getting this apprenticeship package up and running. Going forward they will work with employers and colleges, and will facilitate the science industries’ skills and talent initiative, the Science Industry Partnership (SIP),” commented Stephen Platkiw.

“We are very encouraged by the level of interest from the colleges,” commented Tony Prior of Cogent Skills. “ATaC is an ideal partner for an apprenticeship, as its experienced trainers will be able to work effectively with colleges to deliver all the required technical training and assessments.”

Richard Burton, Head of Qualifications at RSPH said; “RSPH is delighted that ATaC have helped to develop this new apprenticeship: especially as it utilises a range of RSPH qualifications that have been produced as a result of an excellent and successful partnership between RSPH and ATaC that stretches back a number of years.”

Further information on the Advanced (level 3) Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship (Industrial-Asbestos) is available on the ATaC Apprenticeship web page

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