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ARCA issue revised Guidance Note

ARCA have reissued their guidance on air management in asbestos enclosures.

This guidance note is intended to clarify expectations with regard to air management, following recent industry research and the subsequent changes to the Approved Code of Practice. This note gives an overview of the general principles involved in air movement within enclosures as it is now understood.

Recent research provides a better understanding of air movement in enclosures and shows the limitations of the previous approach described in the Licensed Contractors’ Guide (HSG247, published 2006). It is ARCA’s understanding that the recent research will be reflected in HSE’s approach to inspecting air management issues; enforcement action may be taken where licensed contractors cannot demonstrate that reasonable efforts have been made to manage airflow inside enclosures. Updated guidance will take the findings of latest research into account.

A copy of the guidance can be downloaded here

2015 Edition of ADR Must be used from Today

The 2015 edition of ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) must be used from today (July 1st 2015).  The road transport regulations for asbestos can be difficult to navigate.  ARCA Associate member Ludgate Consultancy& Training Ltd have updated their ‘Quick Guide to Road Transport Regulations for Asbestos’, to assist those with responsibilities for transporting asbestos waste to understand the legal requirements.  The guide can be downloaded here

2015 Quick Guide to Road Transport Regulations for Asbestos