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Contractors Handover Form for Analyst

As from 15 February 2018 licensed asbestos removal contractors should complete a ‘Handover Form’ which should be given to the Analyst before the 4-stage clearance starts.

At the February 2018 ALG Meeting it was discussed that the licensed asbestos removal contractors should ensure that the asbestos enclosure or work area has been thoroughly cleaned by the contractor and that a thorough visual inspection has been completed by the contractor.

Following this the contractor should complete a ‘Handover Form’ which should be given to the Analyst before the 4-stage clearance starts. The Analyst should not start the clearance until the Handover Form has been received and is satisfactory, at which time the Analyst should sign and date the form.

In summary, the contractor should not arrange for the 4-stage clearance procedure to start until satisfied that:

• All the asbestos has been removed as detailed in the POW;
• The area inside the enclosure and airlocks is both clean and dry and has already passed their own thorough visual inspection;
• A Handover Form has been prepared for the Analyst;
• Sealant has not been applied.

ARCA Members can find a copy of this ‘Handover Form’ in the Member Portal within the Resources section.

Association issues 100th CSCS card

Following announcing the availability of CSCS Cards through the Association, 100 ARMI Skills Cards have now been issued.

These cards, for asbestos removal operatives and managers, together with cards for asbestos analysts and surveyors, have been issued as both physical smartcards and also as virtual smartcards.

“The volume of take up has been quicker than we thought,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

“Also, virtual smartcards have been requested by the majority of applicants, as they can have a card on their phone (after downloading the app) within minutes of the application being processed. There have been some applicants who have left their application to the last minute, so this service has definitely been a benefit to them!”

Information and application forms for ARMI Skills Cards can be found here.

Over 360 Unannounced Site Audits Completed

Last year ARCA’s team of auditors carried out over 360 site audits of members’ licensed asbestos removal work, under the Association’s Site Audit Accreditation Scheme.

These unannounced audits were conducted across domestic, commercial and industrial properties in the UK.

The content of an ARCA audit, together with the fact that members do not know where or when an ARCA auditor will be assessing their work, continues to support members’ business performance and provide a system of reassurance for all parties, including end-clients.

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Licensed asbestos workers to continue with medical examinations every two years

In October 2017 a proposed change to Regulation 22 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012), was the subject of a public consultation following the post implementation review (PIR) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR 2012) recommending exploring the possibility of reducing the frequency by one year with which licensed asbestos workers undergo medical examination.

Today HSE has published the analysis of the consultation responses.

In light of the responses HSE received on this consultation, HSE has decided not to proceed with the proposed amendment at this time.  Therefore, licensed workers will continue to be examined by an HSE appointed doctor every two years and those undertaking notifiable non-licensed work will continue to be examined every three years.

HSE has concluded that the proposed amendment would have had no negative impacts on workers’ health or altered the prognosis of those whose previous exposures may have resulted in asbestos-related disease.  CAR 2012 puts in place a robust regulatory framework of management through risk assessment and control of exposure to asbestos in the workplace; it is and will continue to be key in preventing asbestos-related disease.

The analysis of the consultation responses is available online here

Asbestos to be a Key Topic at AGSM 2018 Conference

ARCA to support Housing Sector on Managing the Risks from Asbestos

ARCA, the UK’s leading association representing asbestos management companies, will be exhibiting and speaking at the AGSM National Conference 2018 to support the housing sector in managing the risks from asbestos.

This conference, held by the Association of Gas Safety Managers on 25-26 April in Hinckley, Leicestershire, is the only UK event dedicated to informing and supporting the role of compliance managers across the social housing sector.

To support the safe management of asbestos the ARCA conference session, ‘Managing the Risks from Asbestos’, will cover asbestos management, from surveying for asbestos to the removal of asbestos containing materials, and how to choose a competent removal contractor.

Also, the legal requirements will be covered, including the requirement to have an asbestos management plan and effective communications, so those who need to know, do know where asbestos containing materials are. This could include in-house maintenance teams and external contractors, such as, utility installers.

Sarah Haslam, of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) comments “We are delighted to support the AGSM National Conference this year, as it offers us the opportunity to communicate the hazards of and the effective management of asbestos.”

“Asbestos is the greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK, so it is vital that organisations take the risks from asbestos seriously and deal with asbestos in a controlled and safe manner.”

“Having ARCA on board means we can work closely with this leading trade association to help drive the messages about managing asbestos correctly and safely,” stated Claire Heyes, CEO of the AGSM and AESM. “Having asbestos experts at the event will support a key topic of concern raised by our members.”

Full details on the AGSM National Conference and Exhibition can be found at