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ARCA News Magazine Winter 2019 now available online

Containing Association news, asbestos industry news and numerous articles, the latest issue of the ARCA News magazine is a must read for asbestos management professionals.

Articles cover guidance, how ARCA member contractors commit to a third unannounced audit each year, a new ARCA training certificate checker service, ARCA award winners, Charity Week 2019 activities, mental health in the workplace and more.ARCA News 107 - image for web home page

Don’t miss reading ARCA News, the journal for asbestos management professionals.

Issue 107 is available online here.



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ARCA launches online training certificate checker

Training certificates can be validated online

Today the Association announced that the ability to validate copies of ARCA training certificates is now available online.

The Certificate Checker is a verification tool developed to support the asbestos removal industry by enabling original training certificate information to be viewed online, so providing proof that the certificate copy given to a contractor or agency is valid.

“It has been reported to us that across the industry some copies of training certificates do not provide confidence of the certificate’s authenticity,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

“Therefore, we decided to support the industry by developing an online checker, so all copies of ARCA training certificates can be verified quickly and easily.”

This new online tool is available to ARCA members, non-members and individuals, who would like to check the authenticity of an asbestos removal operative, supervisor or manager’s ARCA training certificate.

Certain information on a certificate is required, including the individual’s unique ARCA ID number. When all the information has been inputted, the tool will check the information against the ARCA database, and if validated the original certificate information can be viewed on screen.

Need verification, use the ARCA Training Certificate Checker

ARCA now represents over half of all Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors

Today, ARCA is pleased to announce, that based on the latest* HSE list of asbestos licensed contractors, ARCA membership represents over 50% of those contractors.

“The Association’s Governing Council, staff at ARCA and members should be very proud of this statistic. This supports the work and services developed and delivered by the Association, together with the continuous commitment to maintain high standards within the industry,” stated Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

“Contractors can see the benefits of membership and how the leading trade association for Asbestos Removal Contactors can support them. In fact, recent new members have told me that a reason for joining was to participate in the ARCA audit scheme, through which site audits are truly unannounced.”

You can read more about ARCA membership benefits on the website.


*HSE list published 27 November 2019