ARCA Site Audits Go Electronic

Report immediately available to manager

Earlier this month ARCA introduced a new app for its auditors to gather information while on-site and to report the site audit findings. After a trial period the app, a unique app developed to follow the AssoARCA Electronic Audits_for website_1673_400kbciation’s audit criteria, is now being used by all ARCA auditors.

As always, the completed audit will be discussed with the site supervisor, then the report will be emailed to the manager.

“The main benefit for our member contractors is that reports will be immediately(i) available to the manager via email, along with a corrective action report if required,” commented Geoff Silver, Compliance Manager for ARCA. “This means that the contractor’s management gains reassurance of the work happening on-site at that time, or if necessary the contractor can react quickly to correct an issue, however small.”

All audits are reviewed by ARCA, following which the member contractor will be informed of the resulting grade.

Before the end of the year, ARCA plans to make the app available(ii) to member asbestos removal contractors, so enabling member’s internal audits to follow the same criteria, making a more consistent measurable tool.

More information on ARCA site audits is available here


(i)Signal dependant
(ii)T&Cs to be confirmed