ARCA holds workshops for Supervisors on analyst’s work

After a successful pilot ARCA is pleased to announce the availability of workshops for asbestos removal supervisors which focus on analyst’s work and their responsibilities.

Earlier this month ARCA ran the first workshop at their training centre in Rayleigh to support members’ supervisors and managers in better understanding their responsibilities relating to analyst’s work on an asbestos removal site.  The workshop covered two specific topics, the 4 stage clearance process and personal monitoring.

“This first workshop was fully booked and feedback was very positive,” commented Satish Patel, Training Manager for ARCA. “Following this successful pilot and due to the high level of interest, we are planning to hold this workshop at our training centres across the country throughout the year, with the next workshop being held at Burton upon Trent on 25th May.”

“This workshop was just what my team needed. It will help our supervisors work closer with analysts, as it reemphasised the role of the supervisor and what the analysts personal monitoring findings actually mean,” commented Tony Darsey, Managing Director of Erith Contractors Ltd.

“Personal monitoring and the information given to supervisors by analysts is part of the process of controlling asbestos exposure to individuals. This ARCA workshop was excellent, giving enough detail and clear explanations to help supervisors make the best use of the analysts’ reports so helping to keep the lowest levels of exposure possible,” said Scott Murray, Managing Director of ECT Environmental Ltd.

For more information and to book your space contact ARCA’s training department on 01283 505777.