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Supporting employees during COVID 19

As more employees face the challenges of remote working during COVID 19, it is important to keep in touch with colleagues and support one another.

Mates in Mind has produced a checklist for organisations and individuals, in order to help them protect their mental health and well-being.

The checklists can be found here.

Imminent changes to NNLW and ASB5 forms

This week the ASB5 (Licensed Asbestos Notification) Form and the NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licensed Work) forms will be changed over to a new system.   

The new forms will be very similar in appearance to the current forms, but HSE has made some improvements, particularly to the ASB5 form. The HSE hope that these changes will result in a much- improved service for licence holders.

The NNLW form will be switched over on Thursday 12 March between 14:00 and 15:00, and the ASB5 form will be switched over on Friday 13 March between 14:00 and 15:00.

Please note that when the changeover occurs, the system will be down for a short period, hopefully less than an hour, during which time notifiers will not be able to notify work.

What’s New

  1. A pdf copy of notifications will be available immediately on submission of the form, avoiding the need to wait for a copy of the notification to be emailed to the notifier.  Notifiers must download this as they will no longer get an email copy sent to them.
  2. Ability to amend the Site Address field on the ASB5 – useful if the wrong address has been input.
  3. The NNLW form will have a new tick box for ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) in the section “which authority is responsible for inspecting the work”.
  4. The text boxes now contain a counter and a progress bar.
  5. Both forms will  be available via new links on the HSE Website Forms page.

What notifiers should do next

Bookmark a copy of the links to the two new versions of the forms (these links will not be active until after the above dates, so please don’t use them until then).  Don’t forgot to replace current bookmarks with the new ones.


ASB5: –

 When using the new form, you must remember to download the pdf copy of your notification as you will no longer receive a copy by email.

ARCA publishes approved training providers for ALFA operatives

Currently ARCA is developing a performance rating app, ALFA (Asbestos Labour Feedback App) to allow ARCA members to rate short term asbestos removal operatives that they use. This rating information will be shared with other ARCA members via the app to reassure them of the competency and attitude of the operatives they plan to utilise.  ARCA is doing this in response to member concerns regarding the quality of labour with regards to knowledge, skills and behaviour.

In order to address these concerns, ARCA has looked at a number of initiatives such as building the app and approving training providers. In the future, ARCA Labour Supply Members will be required to only supply labour to ARCA members who have received asbestos training from an ARCA approved training provider. These initiatives represent a significant investment by ARCA.

Part of ensuring the quality of operative labour is that they receive asbestos training from a training provider which ARCA can be assured are competent to deliver the appropriate training. This means the provider has competent trainers and the necessary practical facilities and equipment.

To ensure that the licensed asbestos training the operatives receive meets the required standard, ARCA has an approved list of licensed asbestos training providers who have been assessed as meeting the requirements.  This list currently includes ARCA and UKATA Category C members, and other licensed asbestos training providers can be added to the list once successfully audited by ARCA. These audits will be provided by ARCA free of charge.

To ensure ALFA operatives are trained by those who can demonstrate to ARCA that they meet the training standards required, any licensed asbestos training certificate details entered into ALFA for operatives, where the certificate has been issued on or after 1st June 2020, must be issued by a training provider on ARCA’s approved list. Certificates which have been issued prior to 1st June 2020, by any asbestos training provider and still in date, can be added into ALFA.

The ARCA approved list of asbestos training providers can be found on the ARCA website.

Where is asbestos?

To support plumbing and heating installers, ARCA discusses where asbestos can be found and the health risks of asbestos in the latest issue of the Plumbing, Heating and Air Movement News magazine.New Operatives

The full article can be found here.


Association retains ISO9001:2015 with clean report

After gaining the latest ISO9001:2015 two years ago, the Association was audited in February and retained certification to this standard with no non-conformances or opportunities for improvement identified.

Being an organisation delivering various services to members, the Association is proud to have been following the ISO9001 quality management system, and undertaking annual audits, for the last 15 years.

The ARCA quality management system (QMS) describes the approach, procedures and processes to be followed in order to demonstrate the Association’s ability to consistently provide quality membership, training and auditing services. Also, the standard includes assessing leadership; the organisation’s goals and how these will be achieved, as well as risk-based thinking.

“We are delighted to retain this standard again this year with flying colours,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

“Having a quality management system and being audited every year to check conformity to the standard, highlights how the ARCA team continues to work hard in meeting our mission of delivering the best possible service and support to our members.”