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ARCA appoints Membership & Client Relationship Officer

ARCA is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Glossop as the Association’s Membership & Client Relationship Officer.

Over the last few years managers of the Association have been visiting ARCA and ATaC members, to provide the opportunity to discuss directly with the owners or senior managers, any issues affecting individual members and how the Association is, and can support their business.

“We received extremely positive feedback on visits. Both members and the Association saw the benefits of these visits in building closer relationships and as a private communication forum,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

“Over the last two years, due to several new developments and initiatives the Association’s resources were stretched, which unfortunately meant that we could not undertake the number of member visits we would have liked. We appreciate the importance of these meetings, and also the time required to undertake them, so we made the decision to create a new role to focus on visiting ARCA members on a regular basis.”

“I’m pleased to welcome Peter to the team. To fulfil this role Peter brings with him over 35 years’ experience working in various roles within the asbestos management industry, including asbestos removal management, surveying and training.”

“This is an exciting move for me as I know ARCA is a well respected association and I look forward to working with the team,” added Peter. “Joining ARCA at this time gives me the opportunity to attend the member regional meetings being held throughout November, and introduce myself to many members, after which I’m keen to start visiting individual members.”

ARCA announces support for Mates in Mind

ARCA is proud to announce its support for Mates in Mind, a charity that strives to improve and promote positive mental health in the workplace.

Mates in Mind was established to support and improve the mental health across the construction industry. Due to success in transforming mental health culture of workplaces across the sector, recognition was gained in new sectors.

The charity’s aim is to increase awareness and understanding of mental health, as well as breaking the stigma around mental health through promoting cultures of positive well-being.

“I would like to thank Stephen Haynes of Mates in Mind, for delivering an informative and interesting presentation at the ARCA Annual General Meeting earlier this month, raising awareness amongst our members of mental health issues within the workplace and how they can support,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive for ARCA.

“It was shocking to hear that the construction sector, which includes the asbestos industry, has the highest rate of deaths as a result of mental health issues. I hope that being a supporter of Mates in Mind will help the Association and our members create an environment in which people feel comfortable talking about mental health.”

Mates in Mind supports organisations in creating work environments which help improve and sustain mental health and well-being. Further information and support is available at

ARCA News Magazine Autumn 2019 available online

This latest issue of the ARCA News magazine includes association and asbestos industry news, as well as articles on guidance and asbestos licence renewal preparation.

Also, there are articles on assessing competency in asbestos removal and how ARCA processes CITB grants on behalf of members.

Don’t miss reading ARCA News, the journal for asbestos management professionals.

Issue 106 is available here.

Audit results show standards continue to rise

ARCA award recognises 6 consecutive excellent audits

More member contractors gain the ARCA Gold Site Audit Award this year, even when nearly 90% of the combined audits were unannounced.

ARCA acknowledges member contractors’ consistent high performance on-site by presenting a Gold Site Audit Award. This award is not for just one excellent audit in one year but for 6 consecutive excellent membership audits in 3 years.

“This is a very meaningful award as it proves high standards and best practice is maintained over a lengthy period of time and over various removal jobs,” commented Geoff Silver, Membership Compliance Manager for ARCA.

“It is very important to recognise that, from the combined site audits undertaken by these winners in the 3 years, nearly 90% were unannounced audits. Meaning they had no idea that an auditor was coming on-site to review their performance, so giving a more realistic view of a contractor’s usual performance.”

“Congratulations to all winners. Gaining this award illustrates the quality of all the team members both in the office and on site.”

Under the Association’s membership audit scheme contractors undertake two ‘unannounced’ site audits every year (both audits became unannounced, that is no prior notice, from January 2017). These audits have to be passed satisfactorily for the company to maintain membership.

For the Gold Site Audit Award asbestos removal contractor members need to achieve Grade A-C, with an average of at least a Grade B, in 6 consecutive membership audits.

ARCA is committed to continually improve standards, so providing clients with a high level of reassurance.

ARCA Gold Site Audit Award Winners

Abastra Environmental Ltd
Allan Dyson Asbestos Services Limited
Alliance Asbestos Services Ltd
Amicus Environmental Ltd
Arco Environmental Ltd
ARG Europe Ltd
Arton Monoseal Ltd
Bilfinger Industrial Services UK Ltd
City Building (Glasgow) LLP
Clifford Devlin Ltd
Decontaminate (UK) Ltd
Econ Construction Ltd
Environmental Asbestos Solutions Ltd
Erith Contractors Limited
Furn Contracts Ltd
Horizon Environmental Ltd
ION Environmental Solutions Ltd
Jackson Environmental Ltd
John F Hunt Ltd
Maylarch Environmental Limited
McGee Environmental Services Ltd
Pier Contractors Limited
R & F Insulations Limited
Shield Environmental Services Ltd
Solent Environmental Services (Asbestos) Ltd
Spectra Analysis Services Limited
Wellington Insulation Co Ltd
Wring Group Ltd