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Get involved in the ARCA Charity Week 2019

ARCA members have the opportunity to get involved and support the charity Mesothelioma UK.

“With over 2,700 new cases of Mesothelioma still being diagnosed each year, it is vital to continue to support the important work that Mesothelioma UK does, and in particular the clinical nurse specialists at NHS hospitals across the UK,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

“This year, we hope to see even more participation from our members.”

During the ARCA Charity Week, 16th – 20th September, ARCA members can raise funds to support those suffering with this asbestos related cancer by undertaking an activity, either as a team or an individual. Whether you take part in a fun run, a sport challenge, cake sale or raffle, please let us know your plans.

We hope you will get involved as all donations make a difference.

ARCA Member App now scores audits automatically

Recently, ARCA announced two new developments to the ARCA Site Audit App; automatic scoring and a Corrective Action Report. These developments have now been incorporated into the Member Internal Audit App.

This App is an adaptation of the ARCA Site Audit App, enabling Full Contracting ARCA members to follow the same question set as an ARCA audit.

The App now scores members internal audits automatically, using the same criteria as an ARCA audit, so improving this management tool for members to analyse their performance across all internal and ARCA audits.

Also, the App now identifies and collates any non-conformities within the internal audit report and presents the information within a separate Corrective Action Report, immediately after the audit is completed. This enables actions to be rectified without delay, and for many projects, this could be while the asbestos removal work is still being undertaken.

“From talking to members, we know that having the App score members’ internal audits will be a significant benefit in supporting their asbestos removal audit programmes,” commented Geoff Silver, ARCA Membership Compliance Manager.

ARCA members can sign up for the Member Internal Audit App at any time, for a single user or multiple users. Full information on pricing, together with a booking form can be found here.

ARCA joins the Contamination Expo Series 2019

ARCA, the UK’s leading association representing asbestos removal contractors, will be exhibiting and speaking at the Contamination Expo Series on 11 – 12 September 2019 at the NEC Birmingham.

The event will provide ARCA a platform to continue communicating how ARCA members can assist in safely managing and removing asbestos, and highlight property owners and managers legal responsibilities.

“One of our aims is to continually raise professional standards across the industry. We introduced unannounced site audits to the industry, over two years ago, as previously we arranged audits of members. This means ARCA members have no prior notice of when an ARCA auditor will be on-site to assess their performance,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA).

“Our members need to continually demonstrate they are working to high popular medicine levitra standards to maintain membership, by undertaking two satisfactory unannounced site audits every year. This strengthens the level of reassurance of ARCA Members performance, for all parties, including end-clients. I believe we are the only trade association to run this type of audit scheme in any industry,” concluded Steve Sadley.

“We are delighted to have the support of ARCA again this year as having asbestos experts at the event is crucial,” stated Daniel Rogers, Events Director of the Contamination Expo Series. “Having the attendance of this leading association will help drive the messages about asbestos to the professionals involved in managing the health and safety risks associated with asbestos in buildings.”

Visit ARCA on stand J31.

Entrance to the exhibition and seminars is free – tickets can be ordered here.


ARCA to Colour Code Site Audit Reports

Coding to confirm type of audit

Going forward ARCA site audit reports will be colour coded and clearly labelled to indicate the type of audit, such as, ‘ARCA Site Audit – Unannounced’. Therefore, all parties, including the HSE, will know exactly the type of ARCA audit a report refers to.


Gold for ‘ARCA Site Audit – Unannounced’ – an unannounced Site Accreditation Audit Scheme audit to maintain membership

Dark Green for ‘Additional Site Audit – Unannounced’ – an additional ARCA site audit booked by a member for ARCA to choose site and carry out without any prior notice

Light Green for ‘Additional Site Audit by Arrangement’ – an additional ARCA site audit booked by a member for a specific site and time

“This system wilARCA Site Audit Report Headings - 680kbl confirm, to all parties, including the HSE at licence renewal application, which audits were unannounced. That is, those the member had no prior notice of an auditor arriving on-site, which therefore gives a stronger level of reassurance of performance,” commented Geoff Silver, ARCA Membership Compliance Manager.

ARCA Member Regional Meetings – Dates for your diary!

Dates for the next round of ARCA member regional meetings are now available online.

The regional meetings will include an update on ARCA News, the Asbestos Leadership Council and NVQ’s. We will discuss the CITB Grants and Funding that will be available 2019/2020, covering the new application form, and the assessment dates.

Register for your free place here in one simple step.

We looking forward to seeing you soon!