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Air Management Workshop – dates now available

Following a number of requests from members, ARCA has now made available an Air Management Workshop at regular intervals throughout the year.

This one-day course on air management within an asbestos removal enclosure, will include both classroom and practical sessions. It will expand candidate’s knowledge and understanding by covering the three principal components of air management and the importance of good air management as a control measure. Also, using a pre-built enclosure and NPU, air flow and movement, and flap deflection will be demonstrated.

Further information is available online, or call us on 01283 505777.

New Developments to ARCA Site Audit App

ARCA announces two new developments to the Association’s Site Audit App to enhance communication of information to Members.

ARCA auditors use the App to record performance against all site audit criteria, including photographs, and once completed a report is emailed to the member’s manager.

Now the App identifies and collates any non-ARCA Member Internal Site Audit App - Aconformities within the audit report and presents the information within a separate Corrective Action Report. This is made available to the member immediately the site audit is completed, via email, and improvements are highlighted in importance so a member can take action in a timely manner. This enables some actions to be rectified without delay and for many projects, this could be while the asbestos removal work is still being undertaken.

Also, the App now scores the audit automatically.  By using numerical scoring, which reflects the ‘standardised’ marking scheme, the App sums the scores and this is then cialis generic converted into, and communicated as, a grade.

“These developments to our unique Audit App have been undertaken to support our members by supplying audit information in a clearer way and more quickly. There have been no changes to the actual audit criteria,” commented Geoff Silver, ARCA Membership Compliance Manager.

“The scoring has been tested on both simulated audits and live audits, and all were verified, showing that the automatic scoring is highly accurate.”

Once an ARCA Auditor has completed a site audit the member will receive an email confirming the grade given to the site audit, along with a full audit report attached, and a corrective action report attached if appropriate. Verification of awarded grades will be carried out on all audits for a short period and then on a selected basis.

Further information on ARCA site audits and the Site Audit Accreditation Scheme can be found here.

1,500 CSCS Cards issued

Today the Association issued the 1,500th CSCS card under the ARMI Skills Card Scheme.

The Association receives CSCS card applications, for both physical and virtual smartcards, on a daily basis and continues to process the applications in just four working days.

Full information and application forms for temporary and skilled worker cards, for asbestos removal operatives, supervisors and managers, are available at

Plan NVQs now before CSCS Cards expire

If you have Operatives and/or Supervisors with an experienced worker CSCS card, they only have 1 year to gain an NVQ.

This may sound like a long time but it isn’t!

You really should be planning now and booking them on the relevant NVQ assessment process. Especially as you need to plan appropriate sites and arrange assessment dates, which need to be completed and successfully passed within 1 year.

Don’t leave it too late … contact ARCA today on 01283 505777.


ARCA News Magazine Spring 2019 available online

Issue 104 of the ARCA News magazine includes Association and industry news, as well as guidance on RPE and an article on ‘what needs to happen after asbestos removal’.

Also, articles cover ‘what members agree to’, and what ARCA has seen two years after introducing unannounced site audits to the industry.

Don’t miss reading the latest issue of the journal for asbestos management professionals, available online here.