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ARCA presents at HSENI Asbestos Seminar

ARCA was invited by the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) to address their Asbestos Updates Seminar on 15th March 2018. During the day numerous topics were covered, with particular emphasis on Plans of Work for licensed asbestos removal contractors.

Geoff Silver, Membership Compliance Manager, represented ARCA at the seminar, which was attended by over 100 delegates from licensed asbestos removal contractors, analysts and clients based in Northern Ireland, together with officers from HSENI.

One of the key objectives of HSENI is that the relevant parties ‘control risk together’, and ARCA was delighted to contribute with presentations on Plan of Work Perspectives, Ensuring Plans of Work are Suitable & Sufficient, and Measuring Performance.

“It was a privilege to share some of our perspectives regarding Plans of Work,” commented Geoff. “It was interesting and significant to hear many of the same points highlighted in presentations by HSENI, creating a strong message of unity in the perspectives of the enforcing authority and the UK’s leading trade association for asbestos management”.

ARCA typically assess over 500 Plans of Work per year, reviewing them against legislative requirements and guidance when processing applications for Association membership, during unannounced and scheduled site audits, and during licence renewal preparation discussions with members.

The importance of Plans of Work cannot be over emphasised. They are prepared in order to address all of the site specific requirements of each individual asbestos removal contract undertaken, and form the instructions to site teams as to how the work is to be carried out.

“ARCA site audits not only assess Plans of Work against industry requirements, but also the compliance of site teams in carrying out the work in accordance with the Plan,” stated Geoff.

Further information on the topics mentioned is available on the ARCA website: membershipsite auditslicence renewal preparation services, and risk assessment & plans of work training course.

Course for Admin Staff Proves Popular

Due to requests from members more dates for the Asbestos Removal for Administrators course are now available.

To support contractors’ administration staff ARCA developed a one-day training course last year so they could experience what working on-site is really like and some of the issues their colleagues may face, all within a safe and controlled environment. The course covers hands on tasks such as; use of RPE, elements of enclosure construction, and use of air/bag locks, as well as the decontamination process in enclosures and DCU’s, for just £125 (exc VAT).

Courses have proven popular so additional dates have been planned for:

• Friday 6th April at Burton

• Thursday 12th April at Rayleigh

• Thursday 12th April at Manchester

Further dates are available so if you are interested please let us know.

For more details or to book on a course call us on 01283 505777.

ARCA Announces Charity Week 2018

Last year, the Association held their second Charity Week. A huge thank you to all of the ARCA / ATaC members and their staff for supporting the Charity Week by donating, biking, skydiving, baking (and eating), the total funds raised were fantastic.

This year, you can get involved during the 10th – 14th September, whether you run, walk, cycle, bake or hold a raffle, all donations can make a difference.

ARCA Charity Week 2018 will support charities; Mesothelioma UK and Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

“We are hoping that even more of our members and their staff get involved with the Charity Week this year to help support our charities”, commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA.

The funds you raise can make a difference to those suffering with an asbestos related cancer and to people with a life-limiting illness.

Get Involved

Mesothelioma UK – a national resource dedicated to supporting people with this asbestos cancer, providing specialist Mesothelioma information & support and improved care & treatment through a growing network of clinical nurse specialists (now 18 posted at NHS hospitals throughout the UK).

Wigan and Leigh Hospice – has been providing palliative care for adult patients across Wigan Borough for more than 30 years and provide skilled care, help and support for over 1,000 people with a life-limiting illness every year.