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ARCA members support young children with tumours

A fund of £27,000 raised for Indee Rose Trust

Last year, through social events and auctions, and for the first time, a Charity Week, many ARCA members and staff got involved to raise funds for the Association’s two charities.

One charity ARCA chose to support was the Indee Rose Trust, as through donations this charity supports children, who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour, and their families.

“I became aware of the Indee Rose Trust a few years ago,” said Grant Beglan, Chairman of ARCA. “Jane and Russell, who founded the charity in 2009 in memory of their daughter, do a tremendous job. One way they support children, who spend such a long time in hospital, is by putting together personlised treasure boxes, with gifts to bring some enjoyment to the children and make them smile.”

“A few months ago, I had the pleasure of delivering one of these treasure boxes to two-year old Ben Price while he was in hospital receiving treatment. I found this experience very moving as although he was extremely poorly his little face lit up after opening a few gifts. This confirmed to me that our fundraising activities are so important.”

Russell Dopson, co-founded of the Indee Rose Trust, commented; “We are so overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you to every single person who took the time to fundraise. This donation will go a very long way to help us help many children and their families.”

“We are currently helping two children every week, to this will help us make up lots more treasure boxes for these children. It will also support the running of our holiday homes which we offer to families to enjoy a break when the child has completed their treatment. We feel this is vital, as it allows the child and their close family to spend precious time together. Again, this year our holiday homes are fully booked.”


Many members got involved in the ARCA Charity Week 2016 by taking part in and holding various events, including running, biking, climbing and cake baking, and made their donations to the Indee Rose Trust or to be shared between the Association’s two charities.

ARCA Site Audits Go Electronic

Report immediately available to manager

Earlier this month ARCA introduced a new app for its auditors to gather information while on-site and to report the site audit findings. After a trial period the app, a unique app developed to follow the AssoARCA Electronic Audits_for website_1673_400kbciation’s audit criteria, is now being used by all ARCA auditors.

As always, the completed audit will be discussed with the site supervisor, then the report will be emailed to the manager.

“The main benefit for our member contractors is that reports will be immediately(i) available to the manager via email, along with a corrective action report if required,” commented Geoff Silver, Compliance Manager for ARCA. “This means that the contractor’s management gains reassurance of the work happening on-site at that time, or if necessary the contractor can react quickly to correct an issue, however small.”

All audits are reviewed by ARCA, following which the member contractor will be informed of the resulting grade.

Before the end of the year, ARCA plans to make the app available(ii) to member asbestos removal contractors, so enabling member’s internal audits to follow the same criteria, making a more consistent measurable tool.

More information on ARCA site audits is available here


(i)Signal dependant
(ii)T&Cs to be confirmed

ARCA Members donate £22,000 to Mesothelioma UK

People working in the asbestos industry support asbestos cancer patients

Members of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) have over the years raised funds for a number of charities mainly through social events and auctions. Last year ARCA opened up opportunities for more members to participate by holding a Charity Week. During this week, many member companies and staff got involved in lots of ways to raise funds for the Association’s two chosen charities.

One of the charities ARCA chose to support was Mesothelioma UK, as through donations this charity supports many people suffering from Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

The UK has the highest incidence of Mesothelioma in the world, and it continues to rise. Currently over 2,500 people are diagnosed and whilst the treatment options are increasing, hopefully improving outcomes too, the disease remains incurable.

“When I met Liz Darlison of Mesothelioma UK last year I learned of the charity’s objective of having specialist nurses based at hospitals across the UK,” stated Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of ARCA. “I understand that the charity is now funding twelve nurses, based at different NHS hospitals across the UK, and is actively looking for more.”

“Fundraising to support this objective is vital. So following ARCA members’ activities this year, I was delighted to present the charity with a donation of £22,000.”

Liz Darlison, ConsARCA charity donation presentation to Mesothelioma UK _28 Feb2017_500kbultant Nurse for Mesothelioma UK, commented; “A huge thank you to everyone who undertook activities and made donations to ARCA’s Charity Week. Your efforts mean we have the funds we require to support a specialist nurse to care and support mesothelioma patients over the coming year.”


Many members got involved in the ARCA Charity Week 2016 by taking part in and holding various events, including running, biking, climbing and cake baking, and made their donations to Mesothelioma UK or to be shared between the Association’s two charities.

ARCA Announces Charity Week 2017

11th – 15th September 2017

Last year, for the first time, the Association held a Charity Week dedicated to fundraising for Mesothelioma UK and Indee Rose Trust. A lot of ARCA and ATaC members and their staff supported the Charity Week by donating, running, biking, baking (and eating), climbing and getting muddy!

“A huge thank you to all who took part and made donations to support our charities. The total raised last year was fantastic,” said Grant Beglan, Chairman of ARCA.  “You organised and took part in such a range of events and I know from talking to many that fun was had!”

“In September, I hope many more members and their staff will get involved in the Charity Week, so that, as a team we can continue to help these charities support men, womarca charityweek logo (vect).epsen and children suffering from life limiting conditions.”


ARCA Charity Week 2017


First Asbestos Manager to gain ARCA ILM Qualification

In February, Doug Fox successfully completed his fourth and final ILM unit, and was presented with his ILM Qualification certificate.

Doug is the Asbestos Manager for KDC Contractors Ltd, who specialise in providing decommissioning, demolition, asbestos removal and land remediation services to the nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy and utility sectors.

During the 28 years Doug has been working in the industry, he has always been looking to progress and develop, gaining qualifications covering asbestos removal and demolition, and becoming a member of industry institutes. After learning about ARCA’s Leadership & Management QualificationShaun and Doug ILM Presentation Feb2017_600kb it was the next development step for him.

“ARCA’s ILM qualification, which they designed specifically for the asbestos removal industry, seemed ideal for my development and for my role, as I manage teams removing hazardous asbestos material, which can be on large and sometimes hazardous sites. As the management at KDC is fully supportive of development, I soon signed up to start,” commented Doug Fox.

“The qualification has been developed well by ARCA, as all four units were very relevant to the asbestos industry and all units complimented each other. During the classroom sessions, it was interesting to learn new concepts and also to have some which I have been using reinforced. I also came to understand more of why and how these skills are so important.

“One element I’ve strengthened is communication – with all members of the teams. I now spend even more time on-site and hold review meetings with the whole team not just the supervisor. This has been extremely beneficial to all and the projects.

“I’ve also increased the time I spend in coaching and developing members of my teams. Hopefully some operatives will progress up the ladder, like I did.

“When I began this qualification, there were some challenging times especially as the subjects were very involved, but classroom sessions were invaluable and the tutor support was excellent. My thanks to my tutor, Shaun, who was always positive, gave useful feedback and helped drive me to completion,” stated Doug.

“I’ve developed some management principles and introduced others into practice, which I believe are all proving to be beneficial. I see my teams being more communicative, more motivated and more productive.”

Shaun Wilson, ARCA tutor, commented, “It has been brilliant seeing the development in Doug over the four ILM units.  He could see the benefits and developed a very positive attitude.

“As a tutor, it is rewarding not only to see a candidate gain this qualification, but also to hear what was learnt is being put into practice. Congratulations to Doug.”