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Environment Agency News – Hazardous Waste in England

Premises Registration

From 1st April 2016 businesses producing, storing or handling 500kg or more of hazardous waste annually in England will no longer need to register the premises with the EA.

This change only applies to premises in England, premises in Wales must continue to be registered with Natural Resources Wales.

Consignment Notes

This change will cause a revision to the format of the Hazardous Waste Consignment Note, although a sample has not yet been published. It is expected that the only change to the layout will be in Part A with the removal of A3, the premises code. However, this will mean that English and Welsh consignment notes will be different.

Legally businesses are still required to use the current format on consignment notes up until 1 April 2016 and those with a valid premises code will be able to continue to use it until 30 June if they your pharmacies want.

The changes to the format of the consignment note code, which appears on every consignment note, only apply to consignments starting in England.

Consignment note codes for wastes originating in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland are not changing at this time.

Information is on the EA website

SIC codes

Again in England only and from 1st April, the SIC codes (Standard Industrial Classification codes) on Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes will change.

The Environment Agency will no longer permit the use of SIC 2003, and will require SIC 2007, which matches the requirements for waste transfer notes used for non-hazardous waste.

So, from that date, you must use the 2007 SIC code in Part B, for example Asbestos Removal Work was 45.25 under SIC 2003, it becomes 39.00. Demolition moves from 45.11 to 43.11.