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ARCA Regional Meetings for North East Members

I am delighted to announce that ARCA will be holding our first ARCA Regional Meeting for the North East Region on June 10th 2015 at the Holiday Inn Washington. The full address of the venue is:

Holiday Inn Washington
Washington NE37 1LB
United Kingdom

Tea and Coffee will be available from 09.00 am, the meeting will commence at 09.30 am and will be followed followed by a buffet lunch.

The intention is to make a North East Regional meeting a permanent fixture, and hold a meeting in this region 3 times a year alongside ARCA’s established regional meetings in the South West & Wales, South East, Midlands, North West, East Anglia, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

I look forward to seeing all our North East members at the meeting

Steve Sadley
ARCA Chief Executive

Possible fault on the Front Fitting of Phantom Vision Mask assemblies.

Scott Health & Safety have recently alerted their customers to a possible fault on the Front Fitting of Phantom Vision Mask assemblies. The fault may be present in the form of an axial split along the wall of the exhale valve port. The image in
figure 2 shows the split. If the split is present, it will be in the vicinity indicated in this image. To check this remove the inner mask and blower as done for after use cleaning.

We have requested that our customers return any masks in this condition to our service centres for replacement of the front fitting and testing – free of charge.

Operations have carried out improvements to the front fitting manufacturing process to eliminate this fault. All replacement fittings will have been produced following these improvements.

Should you be requested for details, the replacement components are: 2018802 (1 off) – Front Port and mini rings

PLEASE NOTE: Phantom Vision Powered Respirators showing this crack have been tested by the British Standards Institute and still conform to BS EN 12942:1998+A2:2008 and therefore we do not believe there is any danger in using these masks.

Asbestos medical examinations needed for all workers carrying out NNLW from 1st May 2015

Regulations change for Notifiable Non-Licensed Work –
Medical examinations needed for all workers carrying out
NNLW on asbestos from 1st May 2015

27th April 2105 – The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires medical surveillance for workers undertaking licensed asbestos work, and from 1st May 2015, will also cover workers carrying out Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW) on asbestos.

A worker planning to carry out any NNLW, on or after 1st May 2015, must have a medical examination before this work can be commenced, unless the worker has had a suitable examination in the previous three years.

These examinations can be carried out by an appropriate fully registered medical practitioner and must be repeated every three years (or before if advised by the medical practitioner) while this type of work is undertaken or excepted to be undertaken.

“For workers in the asbestos removal industry medical vigilance is vitally important due to the serious health issues related to exposure to asbestos. Covering NNLW will provide workers with facts on their health, as well as emphasise to them the importance of control measures and good working practices within the industry,” commented Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association.